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4 april 2017

The death of business models

Tid: Tisdag 4 april 2017, 15.00-17.00
Plats: Playhouse Teater, Drottninggatan 71A, Stockholm
Talare: Docent Terrence Brown, KTH

Kort om föreläsningen: Rest in peace. The death of business models occurred in January 2004, when Alexander Osterwalder defended his dissertation. Osterwalder’s research lead to what Terrence Brown calls the Business Model Canvas Movement which subsequently killed much of the theory and conceptual development on business models. The canvas became the dominant tool in business creation and is used by millions of practitioners all over the world – many of which are looking at their Silicon Valley heroes for inspiration.

During this lecture Terrence Brown will tell the story about how the business model canvas and lean methodology has crowded out all deep thinking in new venture creation. In the last decade, countless business plan courses have been shut down and replaced with business modeling courses. Business plan competitions have been replaced by business modeling competitions. In fact, the business plan itself has been replaced by a slide deck or a single sheet of paper with a diagram.

Terrence Brown will address questions like:
- Has the canvas won the battle or the entire war?
- Can we move forward, and if so how?
- What is next for business models?
- Is a business plan needed?
- Are there other methods one can use to start a business?

Please note that this lecture will be in English!

Kort om föreläsaren/föreläsarna: Terrence Brown is a writer, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer on creating value. He is also the former Dean of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Head of the division of Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the Royal Institute of Technology. Dr. Brown is the Program Director for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Masters Program at KTH. He is also the founder of and Startup Academy.