Extreme entrepreneurship – what can we learn from knowledge-intensive innovative firms?

Datum: 11 november 2019

Föreläsare: Docent Astrid Heidemann Lassen, Aalborg University, Danmark, professor Elmar Konrad, Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Tyskland, och professor Maureen McKelvey, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Göteborgs universitet. Paneldeltagare: Lars Hjälmered, riksdagsledamot (M) och ordförande i näringsutskottet, Anna Nilsson-Ehle, ordförande för Lindholmen Science Park och Vinnova.

Om föreläsningen: ESBRI has been organizing Estrad in Stockholm for many years. On November 11, the concept comes to Gothenburg in collaboration with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg. Welcome to Estrad West!

During this lecture, three leading researchers will talk about knowledge-intensive innovative entrepreneurship (KIE) in a digital and creative economy. KIE firms can be found across the economy, and not only connected to high tech or academic start-ups. Cellink, Väderstad and Qamcom are three examples of such firms.

KIE firms are more extreme than other types of entrepreneurial firms: In order to compete, they develop and combine different types of advanced knowledge. They are vital in renewing the economy, providing social value, and stimulating the creation of new jobs. KIE impact existing tech companies, specifically in the servitization of the manufacturing industry.

The speakers will address issues such as:
• What is KIE and how does it contribute to sustainable development?
• How do KIE firms vary – what are the similarities and differences between KIE in the creative industries and the manufacturing industries?
• KIE and digital disruption – what’s next?
• How can public support stimulate KIE in the cultural and creative industries?

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience. Please note that the lecture will be in English.

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