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Women's entrepreneurship

– Attitudes and role models

Datum: 16 november 2009

Föreläsare: Professor Patricia Greene, Babson College, USA, Kristina Theander, Middagsfrid, and Gunilla Thorstensson, Tillväxtverket

Om föreläsningen: Around 25 per cent of all businesses in Sweden are run by women. In an effort to increase that number, 880 women entrepreneurs have been appointed ambassadors for Women's Entrepreneurship by the government. The goal is to make women entrepreneurship more visible, and change the attitudes regarding women who run companies. The concept is now spreading to nine other EU countries.

The seminar will bring together knowledge from business, research, and policy, and discuss important questions such as:

- What are the attitudes towards women entrepreneurs today?
- In what ways have they changed in the past decade?
- What can business/research/policy respectively do to change attitudes?
- How important are role models for women entrepreneurship?
- Can a program like this make a difference?
- What's next?

The seminar is held in English. Please note the time.

 - OH-presentation Patricia Greene
 - OH-presentation Kristina Theander
 - OH-presentation Gunilla Thorstensson
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