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What Entrepreneurs and Angels Should Do Before They Dance

Date: January 28, 2015

Lecturer: Professor John Mullins, London Business School, United Kingdom

About the lecture: 1. Come up with a great “idea”. 2. Write a great business plan. 3. Raise capital from angels or VCs. 4. Flawlessly execute the plan. 5. Get rich!

This is a widely accepted notion in entrepreneurial circles – but to tell the truth, this is a very rare pattern. “The vast majority of successful businesses don’t ever raise venture capital. And angels who make money don’t invest this way either”, says Professor John Mullins, London Business School. During his lecture, he will tell us how companies like Microsoft, Dell and Banana Republic got their seed and growth money from customers, rather than from investors. In his new book, “The Customer-Funded Business”, he explores five distinct customer-funded models. The Kickstarter way is just one of them. According to Mullins, an angel’s best advice to an entrepreneur is: “Come back when you have customers. Then I’ll help you grow.”

Please note that this lecture will be in English.

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