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Regional innovation capacity

– where does it come from?

Date: March 10, 2015

Lecturer: Professor Mary Walshok, University of California San Diego, USA

About the lecture: Many cities and regions are seeking a path to economic renewal through innovation. And they are often looking for a “silver bullet” – a set of activities that will assure the development of new business startups, high-wage jobs and regional prosperity. But, says Professor Mary Walshok from UC San Diego: “Innovation capacity comes in many shapes and colors”, suggesting that there are many paths to achieving important innovation outcomes.

Walshok’s lecture will focus on the role of industrial legacies, embedded cultural values and distinctive social dynamics which shape how they evaluate opportunity and risk, and develop the connections essential to realizing innovation opportunities. Clearly, entrepreneurship, capital and competitive advantage are critical factors, but they are influenced by the distinctive histories and values of different places. Mary Walshok will draw on examples from San Diego, as well as from regions where the innovation capacity is much lower.

Please note that this lecture will be in English.

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