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Financing the Venturesome Economy

Date: October 11, 2010

Lecturer: Professor Amar Bhidé, Tufts University, USA

About the lecture: Worried about other countries taking over more and more of the knowledge production? Don’t be! This is the hopeful message from Professor Amar Bhidé. Where the knowledge is produced is irrelevant, he argues. The important thing for a country is to have the skill to exploit the knowledge.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis questions about the economic system are being raised. Has capitalism failed? Do we need a system reboot? Amar Bhidé has developed a framework that can help us correct the imbalance between the result driven financial sector and the innovation driven “real” economy.

The lecture will be based on two books by Professor Bhidé: ”The Venturesome Economy” and ”A Call for Judgement”.

Please note that this lecture will be held in English

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