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Universities, patents and innovation

– what’s in it for the entrepreneurs?

Date: February 21, 2012

Lecturer: Professor Maureen McKelvey, University of Gothenburg

About the lecture: Society has great expectations of the commercialization of research. In Sweden, we often compare ourselves with the successes of MIT and Stanford. The general opinion is that Swedish commercialization efforts are poor. However, Professor Maureen McKelvey’s research shows that we may not be so bad after all. Swedish researchers are generally positive to commercialization, and also manage pretty well in their commercialization efforts.

During the lecture, Maureen McKelvey will address questions like:

How important are universities for innovation and entrepreneurship?
How can companies benefit from university research?
What do we know about patents from the academy?
How does the Swedish teacher’s exemption affect academic entrepreneurship?

This lecture will be held in English!

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