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What's the point – can entrepreneurship research have an impact on its communities?

When: Thursday April 19, 2018, 15.00-17.00
Where: SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm
Lecturer: Professor Sarah Jack, Stockholm School of Economics

About the lecture: Many entrepreneurs aim for their business to be global from the start. Thus, understanding how they will affect - and be affected by - different local contexts, becomes more important. Research has an important role to play here, according to professor Sarah Jack. However, the impact which entrepreneurship research can have on the communities served, is less well understood.

This is the topic for Sarah Jack''s Estrad lecture. Drawing on her extensive research on different aspects of entrepreneurship, from a variety of different contexts around the world, she will provide us with fresh perspectives.

Sarah Jack is the first holder of the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Chair in Innovative and Sustainable Business Development at Stockholm School of Economics. Her primary areas of research are social capital, social context and networks. She believes that research on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs should be carried out within the context in which it takes place.

During the lecture, Sarah Jack will cover topics such as:
- Why are social relationships and networks critical assets for entrepreneurs?
- How can universities support entrepreneurs in a better way?
- How can we understand entrepreneurship in different contexts?

Please note that the lecture is in English.

About the lecturer: Sarah Jack is a world-leading scholar in the area of entrepreneurship and social networks. Her work is of a theoretical, conceptual and policy nature. Sarah Jack''s primary interests relate to social aspects of entrepreneurship, where she draws on social capital and social network theory to extend understanding about the relationship between the entrepreneur and the social context in which they are embedded. Current interests also include social innovation and entrepreneurship within a historical context. Sarah Jack moved to Stockholm in August 2017 and is the first holder of the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Chair in Sustainable and Innovative Business Development at Stockholm School of Economics. She was recruited from Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

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