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citatESBRI has been an essential partner to the Diana Project's ability to advance knowledge about women's entrepreneurship in many countries around the world."
Professor Patricia Greene, Babson College, USA


The Innovation & Impact Summit 2021
Theme: Cultivating resilience, changing the world
April 20-22, 2021
Shenzhen, China
epost  summits@timeshighereducation.com
hemsida www.timeshighereducation.com/summits/innovation/2021/

The 9th International Conference Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES 2021)
May 26-28, 2021
Prague, Czech Republic
epost  imes@vse.cz
hemsida imes.vse.cz/

3E Conference – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference
May 26-28, 2021
Kolding, Denmark
epost  sdu@sdu.dk
hemsida www.ncsb2020.org/

21st Nordic Conference on Small Business Research - NCSB
May 27-29, 2021
Kolding, Denmark
epost  Ulla.Hytti@utu.fi
hemsida www.ncsb2020.org/

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC)
June 9-12, 2021
Munich, Germany
epost  bcerc@babson.edu
hemsida www.babson.edu/academics/centers-and-institutes/the-art...

XXIII Ispim Innovation Conference
Theme: Innovating Our Common Future
June 20-23, 2021
Berlin, Germany
epost  admin@ispim.org
hemsida www.ispim-innovation-conference.com/

2020 International Council for Small Business World Congress, ICSB
July, 2021
Paris, France
hemsida icsb2020.com

International Conference on Economics, Finance, and Business - ICEFB 2021
December 13-14, 2021
Rome, Italy
hemsida https://waset.org/economics-finance-and-business-confer...