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Movements of Entrepreneurship

Movements of Entrepreneurship

ESBRI conducts and promotes research on entrepreneurship and small business. One way of doing this is to create meeting places for the field’s most prominent researchers. Movements of Entrepreneurship was such a place.

It was a series of publication workshops where ESBRI invited researchers from all over the world to participate. During a couple of days they presented and discussed papers which were later collected for four books. Movements of Entrepreneurship is about movement in the field of entrepreneurship, and ESBRI's objective is to move the research on entrepreneurship forward.

Movements of Entrepreneurship is inspired by the four elements. The theme of the first Movements workshop was ”water” and the workshop took place in June 2001. Some thirty researchers from Europe, Asia and USA participated in this meeting which resulted in the book ”New Movements in Entrepreneurship”, published by Edward Elgar. For more information, please click on ”First book” in the menu to the left.

The next publication workshop, Movements 2, was arranged in the summer of 2002. The theme was ”air” and the book from this workshop is called ”Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship”. 18 researchers contributed to a wider discussion on entrepreneurship. For more information, please click on ”Second Book”.

Movements 3 took place in Tällberg, Dalarna, Sweden, in June 2004. The theme was ”earth”, and the workshop resulted in ”Entrepreneurship as Social Change”. This book – the third in the Movements in Entrepreneurship series – examines entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon. For more information, please click on ”Third book”.

The fourth and final Movements workshop gathered 18 researchers and was held in Iceland late spring, 2005. The theme was ”fire” and the workshop resulted in the book ”The Politics and Aesthetics of Entrepreneurship”. This book show how art brings an entrepreneurial force into society, and how entrepreneurship operates by aesthetic moves. For more information, please click on ”Fourth book”.

Editors of all four books were professors Daniel Hjorth and Chris Steyaert. The books were published by Edward Elgar