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citatI am delighted to reiterate that the Sweden–U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum of 2006 was the best one we have done yet."
Randy Mitchell, United States Department of Commerce

The 1st book:

"New Movements in Entrepreneurship"

New Movements in EntrepreneurshipThe book "New Movements in Entrepreneurship" is the result of the Movements workshop which took place in the summer of 2001. It contains papers by 25 researchers from different parts of the world. The 16 chapters of the book are divided into four parts: "Moving the field", "Moving concepts", "Moving knowledge" och "Moving economies". Among the contributing researchers are Torben Bager, Nancy Carter, Bill Gartner and Carin Holmquist.

Professor Chris Steyaert, ESBRI and University of St Gallen, and associate professor Daniel Hjorth, ESBRI and Malmö University, are the initiators of Movements of Entrepreneurship and also the editors of the book. Professor Björn Bjerke and associate professor Frédéric Delmar have both been working on the Movements project during their time at ESBRI. Others who have contributed to Movements of Entrepreneurship are professors Howard Aldrich and Jerry Katz who were external commentators at the first workshop.

On the leaflet of "New Movements in Entrepreneurship", Henri Wai-chung Yeung, National University of Singapore, writes the following: "Practitioners, students and researchers of entrepreneurship will look back in many years' time and thank Steyaert and Hjorth for putting up a superb collection. I strongly recommend it to any creative individuals who are interested in how the entrepreneurial world really works."

Per Davidsson, Jönköping International Business School, writes on the same leaflet: "Hjorth and Steyaert have succeeded in compiling a volume that is 'mainstream' enough to appeal to entrepreneurship scholars both in North America and Europe, yet different enough to provoke and make a contribution."

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