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The 2nd book:

"Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship"

Narrative and Discursive Approaches in EntrepreneurshipThe book "Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship" contains papers from the Movements workshop of 2002. 18 international researchers have contributed to the twelve charters and three "readers" in the book. Some of the authors are Sami Boutaiba, Monica Lindh de Montoya, Ellen O'Connor och Jerome Katz.

"Narrative and Discursive Approaches in Entrepreneurship" is more narrow than the previous book ("New Movements in Entrepreneurship"), but it also opens up for a wider discussion. The editors, Daniel Hjorth and Chris Steyaert, says that in order to intensify the entrepreneurship research, we need a stronger focus in combination with new impulses from neighbouring disciplines such as litterature and anthropology. The book is published during the summer of 2004.

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