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Professor Bill Gartner, Clemson University, USA

The 3rd book:

“Entrepreneurship as Social Change”

Entrepreneurship As Social ChangeThis book is the third in the Movements in Entrepreneurship series. It is a result of the workshop with the theme “earth” which took place in June, 2004. It examines entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon and provides an in-depth study of the social aspects of entrepreneurship, illustrating how entrepreneurship affects society. The need to move beyond economy to disclose entrepreneurship in its societal forms is demonstrated, as is the relevance of our understanding of entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon.

The contributors show that entrepreneurship is a society-creating force and as such, it evokes new questions for entrepreneurship research and attempts to engage with new theoretical formulations.

Through rich empirical work this book explores the social of ‘social entrepreneurship’ and in doing so shows us how entrepreneurship is at home where society is created. As such, it is interesting for academics, researchers and students in the field of entrepreneurship, sociology and economic sociology.

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