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citatI have enjoyed the many [Movements] conferences organized by ESBRI, resulting in a number of edited volumes."
Professor Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina, USA

The 4th book:

“The Politics And Aesthetics Of Entrepreneurship”

The Politics and Aesthetics of EntrepreneurshipThis fourth book in the New Movements in Entrepreneurship series focuses on the politics and aesthetics of entrepreneurial processes, in order to spread light on entrepreneurial creation.

Presenting original empirical material, the contributors examine control and entrepreneurship in various organizational contexts. They show how art brings an entrepreneurial force into society, and in what way entrepreneurship operates by aesthetic moves. The need to move beyond the traditional focus on the economic and business implications of entrepreneurship is also discussed, as is the relevance of political and aesthetic theory to our understanding of entrepreneurship as a creative force.

The book is interesting for students, academics and researchers in fields like entrepreneurship, management, creativity and/or aesthetics.

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