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citatI have enjoyed the many [Movements] conferences organized by ESBRI, resulting in a number of edited volumes."
Professor Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina, USA

Research seminars history

Nov 30, 2004
Jonathan M. Feldman, National Institute for Working Life
Nov 18, 2004
Associate Professor Truls Erikson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Nov 11, 2004
Professor Johan Wiklund, Jönköping International Business School
Oct 5, 2004
Associate professor Terrence Brown, Royal Institute of Technology
Sep 21, 2004
Professor Wong Poh Kam, National University of Singapore
Sep 14, 2004
Professor Jon Sigurdson, Stockholm School of Economics
Jun 15, 2004
Bjarne Lindström, Director of Statistics and Research Åland
May 27, 2004
Associate professor Lars Bengtsson, Lund University