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citatI have enjoyed the many [Movements] conferences organized by ESBRI, resulting in a number of edited volumes."
Professor Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina, USA

Reprint series

ESBRI’s Reprint series re-published inaccessible articles and book chapters written by researchers associated with ESBRI. The Reprint series is available in most university libraries in Sweden. Below is a list of all published titles:

  • The Entrepreneur and Firm's International Strategies

    by PhD Svante Andersson
    Reprint number 2000/1
  • Entreprenörskap som skapelseprocess och ideologi

    by doctoral student Daniel Hjorth and professor Bengt Johannisson
    Reprint number 2000/2
  • Construing Organizational Texture in Young Entrepreneurial Firms

    by professor René Bouwen and associate professor Chris Steyaert
    Reprint number 2000/3
  • Telling Stories of Entrepreneurship - Towards a Narrative-Contextual Epistemology for Entrepreneurial Studies

    by associate professor Chris Steyaert and professor René Bouwen
    Reprint number 2000/4
  • Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship

    by PhD Frédéric Delmar
    Reprint number 2000/5
  • Measuring Growth: Methodological Considerations and Empirical results

    by PhD Frédéric Delmar
    Reprint number 2000/6
  • A Typified, Culture-Based, Interpretation of Management of SMEs in Southeast Asia

    by professor Björn Vidar Bjerke
    Reprint number 2001/1
  • The Social Science View of Entrepreneurship: Introduction and Practical Applications

    by professor Richard Swedberg
    Reprint number 2000/2
  • The Internationalization of the Firm from an Entrepreneurial Perspective

    by PhD Svante Andersson
    Reprint number 2001/3
  • The Psychology of the Entrepreneur

    by PhD Frederic Delmar
    Reprint number 2001/4