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citatI found that my involvement in ESBRI helped me to see how academic ideas can be thoughtfully transformed into useful policy and practice."
Professor Bill Gartner, Clemson University, USA

Reprint series

ESBRI’s Reprint series re-published inaccessible articles and book chapters written by researchers associated with ESBRI. The Reprint series is available in most university libraries in Sweden. Below is a list of all published titles:

  • The Entrepreneur and Firm's International Strategies

    by PhD Svante Andersson
    Reprint number 2000/1
  • Entreprenörskap som skapelseprocess och ideologi

    by doctoral student Daniel Hjorth and professor Bengt Johannisson
    Reprint number 2000/2
  • Construing Organizational Texture in Young Entrepreneurial Firms

    by professor René Bouwen and associate professor Chris Steyaert
    Reprint number 2000/3
  • Telling Stories of Entrepreneurship - Towards a Narrative-Contextual Epistemology for Entrepreneurial Studies

    by associate professor Chris Steyaert and professor René Bouwen
    Reprint number 2000/4
  • Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship

    by PhD Frédéric Delmar
    Reprint number 2000/5
  • Measuring Growth: Methodological Considerations and Empirical results

    by PhD Frédéric Delmar
    Reprint number 2000/6
  • A Typified, Culture-Based, Interpretation of Management of SMEs in Southeast Asia

    by professor Björn Vidar Bjerke
    Reprint number 2001/1
  • The Social Science View of Entrepreneurship: Introduction and Practical Applications

    by professor Richard Swedberg
    Reprint number 2000/2
  • The Internationalization of the Firm from an Entrepreneurial Perspective

    by PhD Svante Andersson
    Reprint number 2001/3
  • The Psychology of the Entrepreneur

    by PhD Frederic Delmar
    Reprint number 2001/4