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citatESBRI has distinguished itself globally as one of the leading centers for thought leadership in contemporary entrepreneurship research and policymaking."
Professor Jerome Katz, Saint Louis University, USA

Prior projects

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) was initiated 1997 by Babson College and London Business School.

ESBRI was earlier responsible for the Swedish part of GEM, but as from 2010 The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is responsible for GEM in Sweden. Read more

Research seminars

ESBRI has over the years organized discussion seminars for researchers. These seminars were sometimes based on a book or a finished article, but usually on a blueprint or a work in progress.

To see a list of the research seminars we've arranged since 2000, click here.

Teacher's seminars

Since the spring of 2003, ESBRI and SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) form a center of excellence for developing the entrepreneurship education field. As part of this, we have arranged a number of seminars on learning and pedagogy. The seminars were free and open to teachers who wanted to discuss and develop their teaching.

Reprint series

In 2000 and 2001, ESBRI's Reprint series republished interesting articles from journals and chapters from books. The Reprint series is available at all Swedish university libraries. Read more

Theses competition

In 1990 NUTEK (now Tillväxtverket – Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) started an essay competition with the main objective to bring up questions concerning small business and entrepreneurship on the agenda – both in the general debate, and within education and research.

The competition was arranged by NUTEK, together with ESBRI, Ernst & Young, and The Swedish Federation of Business Owners, until 2004. Each academic year gathered 40-50 contestants. A variety of disciplines, including history, business, law, economics and sociology were represented among the entries.

In the academic year 2009-2010 VINNOVA and ESBRI started Nytt&Nyttigt – a thesis competition on the theme of innovation, commercialization and utilization. Read more