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citatESBRI facilitated our ability to communicate our research, discuss the issues and raise the visibility for research on women's entrepreneurship not only in the Nordic Countries, but world wide."
Professor Candida Brush, Babson College, USA

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System for Innovations. Challenges for Society and Politics.

Magnus Henrekson, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm.

About the research seminar
The Swedish paradox, with on the one side large investments in the knowledge economy, and on the other side doubtful outcomes in economic growth raises a number of questions for society and politics. The report: ”Betydelsen av Innovationssystem. Utmaningar för samhället och för politiken” (Vinnova Forum 2002:1) is a vital contribution to the discussion about needs for the innovation system in Sweden in the future. We refer to the report for preparations for the seminar. The report is available at www.vinnova.se

Professor Magnus Henrekson, Stockholm School of Economics, has a research interest in conditions for business and explanations for economic growth. He is also working on academic entrepreneurship and commercialisation of research.

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