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Ideon Science Park - Still Scandinavia's best science park?

Docent Lars Bengtsson, Lunds universitet

About the research seminar
Ideon Science Park in Lund celebrated its 20th year anniversary in September 2003. Ideon Science Park was Scandinavias first science park when it was founded in 1983 and became a role model for many other science parks subsequently opened in the Scandinavian countries. In the 1980's it was considered a success as it grew rapidly and created a lot of attention in national and international media. But how is it today? And what has Ideon achieved during the first 20 years of operation? These and related questions will be discussed in the seminar. The seminar is based on a Vinnova-study of Ideon's development and effects 1983-2003. An extract from the study will be mailed to the participants before the seminar.