PhD course From Research to Business

Welcome to the course From Research to Business!

From Research to Business is a course for PhD-students and post docs on how to commercialize research.

To transform research into business is not always an obvious path. For one, the rationales behind successful research and successful commercialization differ. The value-proposition, the stakeholders, and the type of resources also differ. However, much more research could be – and ought to be – turned into entrepreneurial endeavors or commercialized in other ways.

At the end of this course the participants will have gained both knowledge and experience on how to identify and assess possibilities in commercializing research.

For the academic year 2013/2014:

  • 20 ideas will be accepted to the program. All researchers that either are PhD students or post docs can apply. Previously we have had participants from 12 different Swedish universities.
  • The participants are expected to put at least 400 hours each into the course, of those hours are aproximately 150 scheduled within workshops.
  • The participants meet four-five times during the program.
  • The participants will create advisory boards and will all have mentors from VINNOVA.
  • During the course, the participants will meet teachers from leading schools, such as Stanford University and London Business School.
  • The course is developed and organized by ESBRI in collaboration with VINNOVA.
  • The academic year 2013/2014 of From Research to Business is financed by VINNOVA.
Arrangörer för konferensen Skapa konst, skapa jobb, skapa kreativa företagThe course From Research to Business is organized by ESBRI och VINNOVA.