About the PhD course From research to business

Meet the 2008/2009 participants

The PhD students participating 2008/2009 have already devoted time and energy to an intensive and challenging course. From 36 applicants 20 were selected by a selection committé. Meet some of the 2008/2009 participants below:
Elina Rönnberg

Name: Elina Rönnberg

Background: Since July 2006, I am a PhD student at the Division of Optimization at the Department of Mathematics, Linköping University. Before that, I studied at Linköping University and obtained the degrees MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, and MSc in Mathematics. My research is within integer programming, both concerning basic research, developing optimisation methods, and applications in healthcare, especially nurse scheduling. As a part of my research, we are developing a scheduling tool for nurses, which automatically creates a schedule by utilising optimisation techniques in order to compromise between the preferences of the individual employees and the needs of the nursing ward.

Why did you apply for this course?
I believe that our scheduling tool should be commercialised because it has the potential to save time and to improve the working conditions for nurses; at the same time, entering the world of entrepreneurship is a challenge on a personal level. When I read about the course I thought that attending it could help bridging this gap.

What have you learned so far that surprised you?
That much of what we learn on this course is useful also from an academic point of view, and this has broaden my perspectives.

How do you think this course will help you develop your idea?
This far it has provided me with tools for analysing my idea from various perspectives, some of which I was not aware of before the course. Also, the possibility to discuss with participants, teachers, and other guests involved in the course, is a great resource that has given several new insights into entrepreneurship.

Would you recommend other to take this course, in that case why?
Yes, definitely! This far the course has provided excellent support for me to move forward with our commercialisation.

Lis Boje Lis Boje
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Marie Jonsson Marie Jonsson
Jonathan Love Jonathan Love
Mikael Nybacka Mikael Nybacka
Paul Pierce  Paul Pierce
Elina Rönnberg Elina Rönnberg
Christer Ryman Christer Ryman
Ali Shahrokni Ali Shahrokni
Daniel Spikol Daniel Spikol
Dennis Sturm Dennis Sturm
Karl-Petter Åkesson Karl-Petter Åkesson
Karin Öhman Sandberg Karin Öhman Sandberg
Fredrik Österlind Fredrik Österlind