About the PhD course From research to business

Meet the 2009/2010 participants

The PhD students participating 2009/2010 have already devoted time and energy to an intensive and challenging course. From 27 applicants 20 were selected by a selection committé. Meet some of the 2009/2010 participants below:
Nima Sanandaji

Name: Nima Sanandaji

Background: I have MSc in biotechnology from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Alongside undergraduate studies at Chalmers I have performed research that has resulted in three publications, two in physical chemistry and a third in bioethanol production. During 2006 I conducted research in structural biochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Since mid 2007 I have been conducting PhD studies in polymer technology at The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Why did you apply for this course?
I applied to the course since I have a great interest for commercialization of scientific knowledge.

What have you learned so far that surprised you?
The course has so far (unsurprisingly) been educational and interesting.

How do you think this course will help you develop your idea?
My hope is that it will sharpen my knowledge about business matters, such as how a proper business model should be set up and how a company can be valued based on its assets, present revenues and expected future revenues.

Would you recommend other to take this course, in that case why?
It would be great if more students of technology studied this course, or similar courses. The reason is that Sweden has a low degree of entrepreneurship among those with a scientific background, thus leading to few companies being created based on the idea to commercialize technological advancements. Research in itself has limited value, until it is utilized in society, preferably through entrepreneurial activity.

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