About the PhD course From research to business

Meet the 2009/2010 participants

The PhD students participating 2009/2010 have already devoted time and energy to an intensive and challenging course. From 27 applicants 20 were selected by a selection committé. Meet some of the 2009/2010 participants below:
Ola Dagbro

Name: Ola Dagbro

Background: I'm currently a PhD student at Luleå University of Technology and The Division of Wood Physics in Skellefteå. My research is focused on modification of wood, especially heat treatment. Before my PhD studies, I studied at the International MSc programme in Wood Technology here in Skellefteå. I received my BSc. in Mechatronics and Industrial IT from The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm 2007. My broad experience includes as different professions as Research Engineer, Production Planner, Sales Representative, Service Technician, Course Organizer, Instructor at a Recreation Centre and Chief of a Youth Organization.

Why did you apply for this course?
Why did I apply to this course? I’m a curious type of person and I want to find out what kind of role I would be best suited for in an entrepreneurial environment. How to develop and take business ideas further are also areas that I want to explore.

What have you learned so far that surprised you?
I wouldn’t say that what I’ve learned so far really surprised me, at least not at this stage. The tools and the process are however very useful and I really enjoy the creative environment.

How do you think this course will help you develop your idea?
By introducing tools, networks and the guidance through the process of developing a business plan. I can explore business ideas and improve my ability to sort out the best commercial opportunities.

Would you recommend other to take this course, in that case why?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this course, not just to PhD students interested in entrepreneurship, but also to you who have the motivation, time and energy to join this course and broaden your perspective.

Fadi Abdallah Fadi Abdallah
Yasar Amin Yasar Amin
Ola Dagbro Ola Dagbro
Carl Junesand Carl Junesand
Antonina Khairova Antonina Khairova
Sandra Kliknaite Sandra Kliknaite
Chaitanya Koppisetty Chaitanya Koppisetty
Yury Loayza Yury Loayza
Johan Lundberg Johan Lundberg
Mats Niklasson Mats Niklasson
Helgi Nolsøe Helgi Nolsøe
Zhibo Pang Zhibo Pang
Johan Persson Johan Persson
Nima Sanandaji Nima Sanandaji
Anita Sant Anita Sant'Anna
Francesco Strino Francesco Strino
Axel Wolf Axel Wolf
Zhi Zhang Zhi Zhang
Jonas Åberg Jonas Åberg