About the PhD course From research to business

Meet the 2009/2010 participants

The PhD students participating 2009/2010 have already devoted time and energy to an intensive and challenging course. From 27 applicants 20 were selected by a selection committé. Meet some of the 2009/2010 participants below:
Mats Niklasson

Name: Mats Niklasson

Background: I live in Mönsterås where I run the enterprise Vestibularis together with my wife Irene. At Vestibularis we are training mainly slow learning children and youngsters with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and concentration problems. As I am a Physical Education teacher by training, my approach is sensori motor training, using the method Retraining for Balance. Presently I am also doing my doctorate studies in psychology at Karlstad University. My field of research is sensori motor training as a possible complement to presently used treatment methods for children and youngsters diagnosed with ADHD and/or DCD.

Why did you apply for this course?
I applied to this course because the "application flyer" as well as the course content, seemed very professional, interesting and suitable for my studies.

What have you learned so far that surprised you?
I have learned a lot, but nothing has surprised me yet.

How do you think this course will help you develop your idea?
Hopefuly I can get help to view my ideas from new and different angels. I also hope that this course will help me develop as a business person.

Would you recommend other to take this course, in that case why?
I don't know yet.

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Mats Niklasson Mats Niklasson
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