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citatUniversalreceptet för överlevnad i den globala konkurrensen är innovation. Men hur blir man innovativ? Vilken roll spelar utbildningen?
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The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum

The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum

The entrepreneurial climate in Sweden differs a lot from that in the U.S. but there are also similarities. One important issue is access to capital, both institutional and informal. What can we learn from each other?

The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum is organized by ESBRI and Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. The objective is to create economic opportunities for Sweden and the United States by bringing together entrepreneurs, government officials, capital and academic communities from both countries. This fosters a vivid exchange of ideas.

So far, we have organized thirteen forums: 2004-2016.

Movie clips from the 2016 Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum


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