Program Seminar Day

Thursday September 17

With reservation for changes

08.30 Registration opens

09.00 Parallel seminars
The seminars will be led by experts from the U.S.

Seminar I: Creating Policies for Access to Capital and an Entrepreneurial Eco-system
This seminar is mainly geared towards national, regional and local policy makers seeking to enhance and understand the role of government in debt and equity funding. How can an entrepreneurial eco-system develop?

Seminar led by: Randy Mitchell

Seminar II: Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Cleantech
This seminar is mainly geared towards venture capitalists, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Focus will be on recent trends in clean tech and alternative energy, and how you can make money from these trends.

Seminar led by: Tom Kosnik, Annamaria Konya, Thomas (Tod) Perry and Laina Raveendran Greene

Seminar III: The Process of Raising Capital for Growth
Learn how to deliver the ultimate pitch to a business angel or a venture capitalist. Experienced angels and VCs will conduct live cases and give instant feedback to entrepreneurs.

Seminar led by: Kimberlie Cerrone and Clare Fairfield

12.00 Lunch and networking