Kimberlie Cerrone

Kimberlie Cerrone is the co-founder and CEO of Tiatros Inc., a revolutionary digital health company. Pioneered in alliance with experts at the world renowned University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, the Tiatros solution secures all of the people, medical records and real-time health data needed to coordinate efficient patient care, clinical trials and research studies within a private, secure mobile health cloud, where clinical work flows are efficient and everyone is connected using social networking-styled tools. The company’s first product, Tiatros? Research, moves the entire process of conducting clinical research into the cloud, enabling safe and efficient design, recruitment, management, execution, analysis and reporting of clinical trials and clinical studies. Everyone involved in a study has secure, reliable access to the information and people they need—from anywhere, at anytime, on any Internet-enabled device—making clinical research and clinical trials faster, cheaper and safer. Thought leaders around the world are already leveraging Tiatros to create and deliver innovative health and wellness services that are safer, less costly, and available to hundreds of millions of people.

Before starting Tiatros, Kimberlie has been a top executive at eight venture capital-backed companies; two of which she saw from the initial startup phase through public offerings. Kimberlie is a California and patent attorney. In the mid-1990s she practiced at Gunderson Dettmer and Venture Law Group where she worked with the founding executive teams of several of the most successful high technology and life sciences companies in Silicon Valley, including Yahoo!, Ariba and Target Therapeutics. Kimberlie was the Managing Member of The Angels’ Forum, a group of early-stage equity investors, and the Managing Partner of The Halo Fund and The Halo Fund II, early-stage venture capital funds based in Silicon Valley.