Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum 2012
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The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum 2012

Overall theme: From idea to market – the process of commercialization

This is the 9th annual forum and a unique opportunity to learn and discuss with experts from the U.S. and Sweden. The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum is free of cost to all participants, but please note that seats are limited.

Some of the topics that will be adressed:
  • Crowdfunding – the latest trend in financing
  • How do you get a VC to fund your company?
  • Does a VC in Sweden and the United States think and work differently?
  • What do the governments in Sweden and US do to promote and support innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What makes Silicon Valley unique, and what can we learn from it?

The purpose of the Forum is to create a discussion and networking platform in order to generate economic opportunities for Sweden and the United States. By bringing together entrepreneurs, government officials, business angels, venture capitalists, students and researchers, an interesting exchange of ideas is facilitated.

This year we are also taking The Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum to different places in Sweden. We will go north to Umeå and west to Gothenburg.

Welcome to participate in this year's Sweden-U.S. Entrepreneurial Forum and be part of the action to create a more entrepreneurial Sweden.


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Week Program
October 1
Stockholm, forum day
Hotel Birger Jarl, Birger Jarlsgatan 61A
October 2
Stockholm, seminar day
Hotel Birger Jarl, Birger Jarlsgatan 61A
October 3
Hörsal G, Humanisthuset, Umeå University
October 5
Palmstedtsalen, Kårhuset, Chalmers University of Technology
Organized by
Esbri – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute
U.S. Department of Commerce
Connect Väst
Gothenburg University
Umeå kommun
Umeå Universitet
Main Partners
Media Partner
Tidingen Entreprenör
Networking Partners
Venture cup