Caroline Walerud

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Volumental

Iíve been an entrepreneur since I was 14 when I started baking and selling sourdough bread door to door. I cofounded Volumental in 2012 with three computer vision experts, and as CEO grew the company to 20 people until 2015. As Executive Chairman I now help with strategy, investor relations, marketing and recruiting. I studied Natural Sciences with a focus on zoology and neuroscience at Cambridge University. I split my time between Stockholm, San Francisco and London.

Positions: Chairman of Volumental AB. I work to shape politics and promote entrepreneurship through three initiatives: the Swedish governmentís reference group for strengthening entrepreneurship, STING Incubator's advisory board, and Prince Danielís Fellowship. MindClub ambassador. 2016 Forbes 30 under 30.

Hobbies: Basketball, yoga and surfing, arts and crafts, improv theatre, nature, synthetic biology and neuroscience.