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Annika Olsson

Namn: Annika Olsson

Titel/tjänst: Professor

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Lunds universitet

E-postadress: annika.olsson[at]


Aktuella projekt:
  1. Heading a research platform; Retail Innovation at Centre for retail research at Lund University
    The centre is funded by Handelsrådet.
  2. Involved in a project on retail innovation capabilites. Collaboration Lund University and KTH. The research project is funded by Vinnova.
Tidigare projekt:
  1. PIEp Innoplant project about user oriented product innovation and learning networks. The project is national and involves researchers from KTH, CTMH, and LTH, as well as partners from industry and public organisations. The project is financed from Vinnova and the participating organizations,

  2. Research project funded by Formas, within the program "hållbar butik" (sustainable retail), with a project called the sustainable packaging system. The project aim is to develop models and case examples of new packaging systems for a sustainable retail and thereby a for a more sustainable society.
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
  • (2011) (Beckeman, M. & Bourlakis, M.): "The role of manufacturers in food innovations in Sweden", British Food Journal, accepted for publication, to be published 2011
  • (2011) (Beckeman, M.): “The role of Swedish retailers in food innovations” International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, vol 21, iss. 01, s 51-70
  • (2010) (Gobbo Junior, J. A.): "The transformation between exploration and exploitation applied to inventors of packaging innovations", Technovation; The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Vol.30, Iss.5-6, s 322-331
  • (2010) (Wadell C., Odenrick, P. and Norell Bergendahl, M.): "An action learning method for increased innovation capability in organisations", Action learning research and practice, issue 7, vol. 2, pp 167-179
  • (2007): "Transformation to a customer oriented perspective through action learning in product and service development", Action Learning Research and Practice”, vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 45-59
Publicerat, böcker/rapporter:
  • (2009) (Larsson A.C.): "Value Creation in PSS Design Through Product and Packaging Innovation Processes", book chapter 5, s 93-108, in book "Introduction to Product/Service-System Design", eds Sakao and Lindahl, Springer (ISBN: 978-1-84882-909-1)
  • (2008): "Innovationsförmåga", Lund University, Holmbergs AB – editor and author of the book presenting results from the PIEp research project with 26 involved researchers and 27 involved companies. (ISBN: 978-91-977852-0-4)

(2005): "The Change from Feature Focus to Customer Focus in Packaging Development", Doctoral Thesis, Department of Design Sciences, Division of Packaging Logistics, Lund University 

packaging innovation. innovation and learning. food innovation. packaging logistics. innovation and sustainability. innovation capability. customer orientation.

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