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Vem gör vad? Karl Wennberg

Karl Wennberg

Namn: Karl Wennberg

Titel/tjänst: Docent

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

E-postadress: karl.wennberg[at]


Aktuella projekt:
  1. Application under review. Institutional Changes and the Evolution of Swedish Independent Schools, 1991-2010 (principal investigator). Keyword: Institutions. Deregulation. Entrepreneurship in semi-public markets. Staff: 2 (one assistant professor, one PhD student).
  2. Contextual influences on high-potential Entrepreneurship in Sweden and Europe. (with Frédéric Delmar and Erkko Autio). Vetenskapsrådet.
  3. Firm ownership succession and transitions: A longitudinal population study 1990-2009 (Principal co-investigator). Keyword: Family firms. Intergenerational transfer. Entrepreneurial Exit, External directorship. Staff: 3 (one associate professor, two assistant professors, two PhD students).
Tidigare projekt:
  1. The Evolution of Design and Engineering Consultancies in the United Kingdom. Research project on the birth, growth and innovative activities of consultancy sector in the United Kingdom. Staff: 6 (1 professor, three assistant professors, one research student). My post doc project at Imperial College London. I functioned as responsible for survey design, empirical analyses of quantitative and qualitative data, and reporting writing.
  2. Microfinance and entrepreneurship in developed countries. Research project on the societal benefits of entrepreneurship and three private microfinance initiatives. Funded by Sparbanksakademin and the Swedish Business Development Agency (NUTEK). Budget: €300,000. Staff: 6 (two associate professors, three assistant professors, one PhD Student). I functioned as co-responsible for project coordination, survey design, empirical analyses of quantitative and qualitative data, and report writing.
  3. The entrepreneurial process: Emergence and evolution of new firms in the knowledge economy. A major research project studying the Swedish science and technology labor force between 1989 and 2002 in order to determine their engagement in self-employment, firm creation and firm growth. The project involves constructing a unique data base tracking entrepreneurial processes simultaneously at the firm level and at the individual level. The aim is to develop entrepreneurship theory to take better account of the dynamics of these processes. Funded by the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), Handelsbanken research foundations, the Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research (FSF), the Swedish Business Development Agency (NUTEK), the Swedish institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU) and the Swedish Institute for Growth Policy Studies (ITPS). Budget: €450,000. Staff: 7 (three professors, four PhD Students). My dissertation work stems from this project. I function as responsible for accounting and financial requisitions within the project, and have participated in collecting external funding
  4. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Joint effort with Chalmers University of Technology and Borås University College. Budget: €1,800. Staff: 4 (one assistant professor, two PhD candidates). Minor project using data collected during my Master’s thesis in Business Administration and subsequent occasions.
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
  • (Wiklund, J. Hellerstedt, K. & Nordqvist, M.): "Implications of Intra-family and External Ownership Transfer of Family Firms: Short-term and Long-term Performance Differences". Forthcoming Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
  • (2011) (Wiklund, J. & Wright, M.): "Academic Entrepreneurship: Performance differences between university spin-offs and corporate spin-offs". Forthcoming Research Policy.
  • (2011) (Delmar, F. & Hellerstedt, K.): "Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship and Endogenous Growth". Forthcoming Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
  • (2010) (Falkenhall, B.): "Företagare i insolvens och misslyckandets stigma". Ekonomisk Debatt, mars.
  • (2010) (Folta, T. B. & Delmar, F.): "Hybrid Entrepreneurship". Management Science, 56(2): s. 253-269.
Publicerat, böcker/rapporter:
  • (2010) (Delmar, F.): "The Birth, Growth, and Demise of Entrepreneurial Firms in the Knowledge Intensive Economy". Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

(2009): "Entrepreneurial Exit". Economic Research Institute, Stockholm.
  (ESBRIs artikel om avhandlingen)

Entrepreneurial Exit. Human Capital. Aspiration levels.

Övriga meriter och information:
I have written 30+ peer-reviewed articles, books and book chapters on the above or related topics. I study practical and policy implication of these streams of research and have authored a number of case studies, research notes, public policy papers and articles for public debate. Some “classic” entrepreneurial questions addressed in my research includes: individual-level and firm-level resources affecting exit or growth, geographic and institutional factors that shape the birth, growth and exit of new firms; the important of new firms for (local) economic development. My research forms a central basis (both as ‘perspective’ and as ‘evidence base’) for how I teach, consult, and write about entrepreneurship and related topics.

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