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Mats Sundgren

Namn: Mats Sundgren

Titel/tjänst: Senior Research Fellow

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Chalmers tekniska högskola

E-postadress: mats.sundgren[at]

Aktuella projekt:
  1. In preparation - Organizing for personalized medicine: The need for cross-organizational collaboration
    Alexander Styhre* and Mats Sundgren^
    *University of Gothenburg, ^Chalmers University of Technology & AstraZeneca

Tidigare projekt:
  1. Managing Creativity in Organizations: Critique and Practices (Palgrave Macmillan) 2004-2005
    Alexander Styhre and Mats Sundgren

    Organizational creativity denotes an organization's capacity to exploit and explore its intellectual capital in activities constituting and leading to sustainable competitive advantage. Even though R&D, innovation, and other forms of activities that strengthen the firm's position in the market are strongly emphasized in management writing, the notion of organizational creativity is poorly exploited as a means for improving organizational performance. Managing Creativity in Organizations addresses the notion of organizational creativity and advocates a more detailed view of organizational creativity. In the first part of the book (Critique), the management literature on creativity is critically reviewed and examined in terms of epistemology and methodological concerns. The second part of the book (Practices) explores the management of organizational creativity in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, issues such as technology, cognition and leadership are introduced as central, yet somewhat under theorized and ignored, resources and practices in the management of organizational creativity. The authors suggest that organizational creativity is a resource of great importance for a series of industries and companies but that the construct of organizational creativity is suffering from a number of theoretical ambiguities and shortcomings.
    The empirical platform for this book is based on management practices from four companies: AstraZeneca, Carisson Research and Wingårdh Architect Firm - all of who have over time demonstrated a significant ability to exploit their organizational creativity.

  2. Venturing into the Bioeconomy: Professions, innovation, identity Palgrave Macmillan 2008-2011
    Alexander Styhre and Mats Sundgren

    The life sciences are playing an increasingly larger role in terms of influencing social life. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has brought new drugs to the market but in the new economic regime, here addressed as the bioeconomy, a variety of new industries and sectors of the economy are making contributions to commercialization of the life sciences.

    Venturing in to the Bioeconomy provides an overview of the literature addressing recent changes in the life sciences including recent genomics and post-genomics technoscientific approaches. In addition, it reports empirical material from three case studies in the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology industry and the domain of academic research. The authors demonstrate that there are much potential brought by the new technoscientific frameworks that have not yet translated into new therapies and that in the future, the life sciences may play a more central role in the late-modern society.

    Studying the Organization of the Bioeconomy
    Professional Ideologies and Identities and Innovation Work
    The Bioeconomy, Biocapital and New Regime of Science-based Innovation
    Innovation Work in a Major Pharmaceutical Company
    The Craft of Research in Biotech Companies
    Exploring Life in the University Setting
    Managing and Organizing the Bioeconomy

    ALEXANDER STYHRE Professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in the Department of Business Administration specialising in managing knowledge-intensive industries.

    MATS SUNDGREN Senior Research Fellow & Principal Scientist at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and specialises in knowledge intensive work and innovation management.

(2004): "New Thinking, management control & instrumental rationality: Managing Organizational Creativity in Pharmaceutical R&D", Chalmers & FENIX Program.  (ESBRIs artikel om avhandlingen)

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