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Kåre  Moberg

Namn: Kåre  Moberg

Titel/tjänst: Doktorand

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Copenhagen Business School

Institution/avdelning: The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise

E-postadress: kmo.smg[at]


Aktuella projekt:
  1. The impact of educational design on entrepreneurial self-efficacy

    The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise is performing a major research project to investigate the effects of educational design on students’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial intentions and behaviors. This project is performed in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School and Lund University. The goal of the project is to further our understanding of entrepreneurship education.

    We will perform a longitudinal analysis and build up databases over seven to ten years which will include twelve master level programmes and three bachelor level programmes at four different universities in Denmark. Seven of these programmes will be included in the treatment group and eight will function as the control group. Questionnaires will be distributed in a hard copy format once a year until the student graduates. We will then continue to follow the students with online questionnaires that will be sent to them one year after their graduation and then three and five years after their graduation.

    We will also continuously perform interviews with educators and students during the project. The aim of the interview survey with the educators is to analyze how they reason about learning goals and teaching methods, and what impact this has on students’ entrepreneurial abilities. The interview survey with students will function as a qualitative compliment to the quantitative survey, in which we will investigate how students with different learning methods react to different types of “treatments”.
Tidigare projekt:
  1. Development of Entrepreneurship courses and programmes at twelve universities in Denmark and Sweden, while employed by the Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy

The impact of educational design on entrepreneurial self-efficacy

entrepreneurship education. impact analysis. program assessment. entrepreneurial self-efficacy. longitudinal. effectuation. discovery perspectiv. creation perspectiv. nascency. intentions.

Övriga meriter och information:
I have worked four years for the Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy, where my main responsibility was to develop courses and programs in entrepreneurship and innovation at twelve universities in Denmark and Sweden, both on under-graduate and graduate, as well as on PhD-level. I have organized several major entrepreneurship events, such as Seed Camp Sweden (2008); the Entrepreneurship Week in Malmö(2010); Social Entrepreneurship Øresund (2010), to name a few. I have also organized the student exchange program between twelve universities in Denmark and Sweden, and five universities in Hong Kong, as well as the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), in 2007 and 2008. I have extensive experience of working as a project manager in Interreg-projects about triple-Helix oriented cross-border growth projects.

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