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Vem gör vad? Martin Andersson

Martin Andersson

Namn: Martin Andersson

Titel/tjänst: Professor

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Lunds universitet

Institution/avdelning: CIRCLE

E-postadress: martin.andersson[at]


Aktuella projekt:
  1. R-ARE – a research project focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation and development in regions of varying economic densities, funded by FORMAS.
  2. Entrepreneurship, Industrial Development and Growth. Research project managed by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (E-forum) and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN). In this project, I work with professor Steven Klepper on spin-off processes in Sweden.
  3. Innovation and Growth – from innovating firms to economy-wide technological change. Book project financed by VINNOVA. I am on the team of editors, and we have a contract with Oxford University Press. Expected publication is 2012.
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
  • (2012) (P. Braunerhjelm and P. Thulin): "Creative Destruction and Productivity – entrepreneurship by type, sector and sequence", Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, X (X), forthcoming
  • (2011) (A. Baltzopoulos and H. Lööf): "R&D Strategies and Entrepreneurial Spawning", Research Policy, X (X), forthcoming
  • (2011) (H. Lööf): "Small Business Innovation – firm-level evidence from Sweden", Journal of Technology Transfer, X (X), forthcoming
  • (2011) (S. Koster): "Sources of Persistence in Regional Start-Up Rates – evidence from Sweden", Journal of Economic Geography, 11 (1), 179-201
  • (2011) (F. Noseleit): "Start-Ups and Employment Dynamics Within and Across Sectors", Small Business Economics, 36, 461-483
Publicerat, böcker/rapporter:
  • "Entrepreneurship Policies: principles, problems and opportunities", in Leitao, J. and Baptista, R. (eds) Public Policies for Fostering Entrepreneurship – a European perspective, International Studies in Entrepreneurship Series, New York: Springer (co-author C. Karlsson)
  • (2010): "Regional Policy as Change Management", forthcoming in Etzkowitz, H., Laestadius, S and Rickne, A (eds) , Regional Innovation Systems: The Swedish experience of policy, governance and knowledge dynamics, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, forthcoming (co-author: B. Johansson)
  • (2010): "Vilka Innoverar och Varför? – företags- och regionfaktorer", Chapter written for the Swedish Economic Forum Report 2010 (available at
  • (2008): (P Thulin) "Globalisering, Arbetskraftens Rörlighet och Produktivitet" (Globalization, Labor mobility and Productivity), Research report for the Swedish Globalization Council (refereed by scientific panel)
  • (2010) (B. Johansson): "Internationell Konkurrenskraft, Tillväxtanalys" (Research Report for the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis)

(2007): "Disentangling Trade Flows - Firms, Geography and Technology"  (ESBRIs artikel om avhandlingen)

innovation. regional tillväxt. internationell handel. entreprenörskap. produktivitet. rörlighet. densitet.

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