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Anders Richtnér

Namn: Anders Richtnér

Titel/tjänst: Associate Professor/Docent

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Handelshögskolan i Stockholm


E-postadress: anders.richtner[at]

Aktuella projekt:
  1. Creativity and knowledge creation in lean organizations is a four year project conducted at Stockholm School of Economics, Chalmers, and Uppsala University with Anders Richtnér as project leader.

    Background and statement of the problem:
    To create innovations, renewal and strategic change in organizations is built upon knowledge creation, which can be stimulated by creativity. At the same time many companies are facing pressure from customers, owners, suppliers, etc. to rationalize and increase efficiency and effectiveness to become more competitive. Innovative work is about handling increased complexity in products and services, while at the same time doing it faster, with shorter lead times.

    However, to standardize innovative work, like manufacturing, through more clear procedures, performance goals, and KPI:s is not unproblematic. Shorter time frames and tighter budgets reduces the tolerance for risk taking and experimentation, and may thus enhance short term problem solving, hampering knowledge creation and innovation in the long run.

    Thus, here is a paradox. The ideal is entrepreneurship and innovation, whilst companies implement cost reduction, and efficiency and effectiveness programs. Programs that might increase a short term focus and exploitation of what is already existing, not focusing on innovation. Today we do know little about how companies and particularly R&D can be organized and managed after the implementation of cost efficient processes (often referred to as ‘lean’).

    The research project ’Creativity and Knowledge Creation in Lean Organization’ is a joint research project between several companies, Vinnova, Chalmers, Stockholm School of Economics, and Uppsala University, and is part of Vinnovas research program ’Ledarskap, kreativitet, och arbetsorganisation’.

    Aims and Objectives:
    The overall focus in the research project is the following: how can an ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ and an industrial efficiency and effectiveness thinking be combined? More specifically the research questions are:
    1. How can companies create the possibility for employees to be creative and knowledge creating, while being cost efficient organizations?
    2. Particularly, what enhances/hinders exists for knowledge creation and creativity (within and between projects; within and between business areas)?

    The goal is to contribute with increasing knowledge and advice to solutions on how R&D can be organized and managed cost efficiently, without loosing the ability to be innovative and creative – creativity which, in this situation, is about organizational creativity, i.e. creativity in a business context. Thus it is about managing creativity in the whole organization.
Tidigare projekt:
  1. Lars-Erik Lundbergsstiftelse, competitively awarded grant: Long-term Innovativeness in Projectified Organizations – an (im)possibility?
  2. Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse, competitively awarded grant: Scientific management i det postindustriella företaget.
  3. Lars-Erik Lundbergsstiftelse, competitively awarded grant: Innovation in lean organizations.
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
  • (2010) (Åhlström, P.): "Top management control and knowledge creation in new product development", International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 30 No. 10.
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(2004): Balancing Knowledge Creation – Organizational Slack and Knowledge Creation in Product Development. EFI, Stockholm.  (ESBRIs artikel om avhandlingen)

Innovation. Lean. Effektivitet. Kreativitet. Creativity. produktutveckling. product development.

Övriga meriter och information:
(Present) Highly appreciated lecturer at SSE (graduate and MBA-level) and IFL Executive Education; advisor for Sustainia. Namned as one of 33 “super-talents” aged under 40 within academia, all disciplines (Svenska Dagbladet 070325).
(2006) Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in the category of operations and supply chain management, nominated and competitively awarded scholarship for distinguished thesis in business administration 2004-2006.