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Lena  Adamson

Namn: Lena  Adamson

Titel/tjänst: Docent

Universitet/högskola/organisation: Stockholms universitet/Kungliga tekniska högskolan

E-postadress: lena.adamson[at]

Aktuella projekt:
  1. Contracted expert for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)/European Commission, on Quality Assurance, Teaching and Learning for Creativity and Innovation.
  2. Contracted expert for the Council of Europe:
    "Aligning Turkish Higher Education with the European Higher Education Area".
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
  • (2011): "On Quality Assurance and Learning Outcomes: Evaluating students’ work or institutional work with students?" European Network for Quality Assurance, ENQA, publications.
  • (2011) (Flodström, A.): "Teaching for Quality in the Knowledge Triangle – European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) coming Quality Assurance and Learning Enhancement Model." Conference proceedings The future of Education, Florence, Italy, 16-17 June, 2011.
Publicerat, böcker/rapporter:
  • (2009): “Quality Assurance for Learning”. Proposal of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education for a new quality assurance system for higher education. Reported the Swedish Government 15th of September 2009.
  • (2009): "En missuppfattning behöver rätas ut." (A misunderstanding that needs to be corrected). Universitetsläraren (7-10).
  • (2010) (Flodström, A.): "Politisk tafatthet bakom misslyckad högskolepolitik." DN Debatt 17 september 2010.
  • (2010) (Flodström, A.): "Ett kvalitetssystem ska värdera utbildningens kvalitet, inte studenternas." (A QA system should evaluate educational quality, not student quality). Vetenskapsrådets Tentakel (4).
  • "SIA, Strategic Innovation Agenda - Investing for Innovation Beyond 2014"

    Future budget and strategy for European Institute for Innovation and Technology" (EIT)

Like circles on the water 

Quality assurance. Teaching. Learning. Kvalitet. Utvärdering. Lärande.

Övriga meriter och information:
Adept in the project ”Styrelsekraft - more women to Swedish Corporate Boards”, initiated by the Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Communications

Description of main duties and achievements 1999-2011:

* From: 11/1999 to 03/2002 Employer: Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
Job: Director of studies/assistant professor of psychology, Department of Behavioural Studies

Size of organisation: 30 researchers/teachers at Psych. Dep. Budget managed (in Euro): 700 000
Duties: Planning of all teaching of the psychology courses + budget responsibility
Main achievements: Turning annual accounts from below to above zero. Being part of the reorganisation of the then three psychology research groups at the department. Initiated and performed, together with two more director of studies, the writing of a report on a proposal to start a Social Studies Programme at LiU. Reorganising specialist courses for trained psychologists.

* From: 04/2002 to 11/2003 Employer: National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm, Sweden
Job: Head of unit, Statistics Unit

Size of organisation: 12 employees Budget managed (in Euro): 1 100 000
Duties: The unit, and thus mine responsibility was the production of all Swedish Official Statistics on Social Welfare + offering specialist statistical methods competence to other units at the Board.
Main achievements: Reorganizing the unit’s work into more efficient routines in terms of better quality control and more collaboration between the employees of the unit.

* From: 12/2003 to 12/2005 Employer: Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
Job: Head of unit, UPC, Centre of Teaching and Learning

Size of organisation: 18 employees Budget managed (in Euro): 800 000
Duties: Starting up and managing a new centre for teaching and learning at Stockholm University.
Main achievements: Making the centre leading amongst similar centres at Swedish HE institutions within a year due to our systematic work with introducing student centred teaching and learning methods in close connection to the Bologna process (esp. working with learning outcomes, aligned teaching and methods for assessment for learning)

* From: 01/2006 to 01/2008 Employer: Stockholm Institute of Education (now Stockholm University)
Job: Head of department for the Department of Social and Cultural Studies

Size of department:125 employees Budget managed (in Euro): 8 000 000
Duties: Responsible for 125 teachers/researchers (organized in eight sub departments) at the teacher training programme and 1500 fulltime students
Main achievements: Two development projects to do with enhancing student centred learning, the first to do with curriculum development and learning outcomes, the other to do with improving fair assessment of student work

* From: 01/2008 to 08/2010 Employer: Swedish National Agency of Higher Education
Job: Secretary General

Size of organisation: 160 employees Budget managed (in Euro): 19 000 000
Duties: Main responsibility for internal affairs at the agency (cf. CAO), the agency's contact person to the Ministry of Education
Main achievements: 1. Responsible for a proposal to the government of a new quality assurance system for Swedish higher education, based on learning outcomes and which was well accepted by the academic community. 2. Introducing new more effective administrative routines for the agency's yearly operational plans, follow up ect

* From : 09/2011 – today Employer: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Job: Associate professor of Psychology, advisor on QA systems to professor Anders Flodström (vice chair of the EIT Governing Board).

* From : 11/2011 – today Contract giver: The European Institute of Innovation and Culture (EIT)/European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

Job: Contracted Expert on Quality assurance, teaching and learning for creativity and innovation and also part of the EIT Writing Group for the Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) for the EIT.

Size of organisation: see Budget: No budget responsibility
Duties: Developing quality assurance models for EIT’s master and doctoral programs in line with Bologna agreements and transparency tools.
Main achievements: 1. First version of new QA model recently presented in the EIT Educational Working Group, in which I am a member. 2. One of two main co authors of EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) , budget proposal to the EU of 3.2 billion €, currently passed by the European Commission.

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